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“By definition, FRĒ FLŌ DŌ means: living life on the path upon which freedom flows. It is an art form laden with countless opportunities for the practitioner to simultaneously harness and release the true creative power of his or her total being. It is the fluid rhythmic expression of one mind, one body, one spirit challenged, conditioned, sharpened and enlightened first, while navigating the LAUNCHPAD™; and second, by realizing the significance of its principles experientially in each aspect of everyday life.”
-Kappel LeRoy Clarke

FRĒ FLŌ DŌ Students are taught to ‘embrace letting go’. They embrace: the unknown, the uncomfortable, and the improbable, while letting go:the familiar, the comfortable, and theordinary. Their goal is the achievement of a mental and physical ‘state of readiness’ spontaneously expressed via the dynamic movements of the body. They are like water, fluid from thought to action. They don’t waste precious time and energy trying to control complex situations; instead, they practice controlling themselves in those awkward moments so that they can adapt to them!

In order to achieve freedom of movement one must first achieve freedom of mind, which for most of us is no easy undertaking. Only an opened mind is free to entertain new concepts, perspectives, and hence enter into new life-enriching experiences. Closed minds tend to ‘play it safe’ by settling for the familiar, compromising before trying, talking themselves out of uncomfortable situations, and making endless excuses for just about everything that they do or don’t do, yet wonder why nothing changes! In the FRĒ FLŌ DŌ Experience conquering fears is achieved by facing them, understanding them, and then transcending them with a lifelong commitment to total personal growth.

‘The Art Form of the New Millennium is an entirely original mode of expression which, like all art forms, invites the practitioner to master its principles and skills in order to demonstrate individualistic interpretations with integrity. It is a universal philosophy rooted in its creator’s relationship with God, his past involvement in martial arts, exposure to Eastern philosophy, and years of fervent participation in recreational and organized sports. It is also a product of his insight gained from almost 18 years of teaching clients to use a relaxed mind, controlled breathing, and muscular exertion to facilitate efficient energy expenditure on and off the LAUNCHPAD™.