For training or any other inquiries please contact Renae Morgavi - FRE FLO DO PR


phone: 360.281.8382


Where can I experience FRĒ FLŌ DŌ?
FRĒ FLŌ DŌ is currently available exclusively at Kappel’s private studio, FRĒ FLŌ DŌ The Beginning… located in Santa Monica, CA. All training is scheduled in advance by appointment only. Contact us through the box on the lower left.
How much does a training session cost?
The pricing for FRĒ FLŌ DŌ training varies according to individual goals and commitments which are determined during scheduled introductions and consultations.

How can I purchase a LAUNCHPAD?
The LAUNCHPADs are an integral component of the FRĒ FLŌ DŌ Experience, but without the philosophy, and the comprehensive applications or the experiential knowledge of their functions to go with them, they are very dangerous machines that would expose facilities, their staff and customers to high risk of serious injury! They can only be purchased by licensed facilities, or fitness professionals holding active licenses to FLO.

How can I become a licensed Tracker?
In order to acquire a “License to FLŌ” and become a licensed Tracker of FRĒ FLŌ DŌ, fitness professionals and strength and conditioning coaches must first successfully complete the Tracker Qualification Course & Trials. In essence, Tracker Candidates must become accelerated students to not only ensure that the integrity of FRĒ FLŌ DŌ is maintained, but that safety protocols are strictly adhered to.

Can I do FRĒ FLŌ DŌ if I’m not a professional athlete?
FRĒ FLŌ DŌ is probably one of the most intense workouts in existence; however, it is also one of the most versatile workouts around. It can accommodate the sedentary beginner all the way to the level of a world-class athlete. It’s user-friendly progression makes it flexible enough to meet everyone’s needs regardless of their fitness levels.