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KAPPEL’S ALL-PRO ACTIVITIES™’is an intense, focused 20-minute workout that can be tailored to fit any lifestyle from the non-athlete to the professional athlete

In Touch & Go! the first installment of his highly anticipated DVD series, Kappel introduces you to the benefits of this unique FRĒ FLŌ DŌ inspired workout. By using sustained movement and deep breathing techniques you will be inspired to leave the office, get up from the computer or step away from the television to take part in a Rewarding New Lifestyle.

All-Pro Activities™ Touch & Go! will teach you how to enjoy living every moment of a healthy, active lifestyle. Emotional wellness and balance are achieved through increasing muscle tone, decreasing body fat and improving cardiovascular fitness. Kappel has trained some of the most gifted athletes in professional sports and through use of his IPMs (Injury Preventative Movement Mechanics) he has been able to drastically decrease the occurrence of ankle sprains, tendon damage and injuries. His clients enjoy Improved Endurance, increased overall body and Core Strength and Heightened Stamina.

This DVD series is a must for Strength and Conditioning Coaches, Personal Trainers, and Group Fitness Instructors.

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