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“one of the most intriguing and challenging workouts in the nation…”

“You’ve seen cats sprint up mountains, run with parachutes and pump iron until they damn near puke. But you’ve never seen anything like FRĒ FLŌ DŌ, the unique regimen that not only enhances strength and endurance, but also hand-eye coordination, balance, agility and the mind-to-body signals peak performers need in order to think quicker and sharper than before.” -Roy S. Johnson/Editor-in-Chief: Men’s Fitness Magazine September 2007

“The word ‘unconventional’ can’t even begin to describe the moves FRĒ FLŌ DŌ demands.” -Cara Kagan, MOVES Magazine September 2007

“The workout is really intense and unique, especially to my style of play…it puts me into situations so that I become less vulnerable to sustaining common injuries like ankle sprains…” -Reggie Bush/RB Interview on NFL Network:Total Access June 2007

“Kappel and FRĒ FLŌ DŌ are the real deal!”  -Donte Stallworth/WR New England Patriots, Off-Season Introduction to FRĒ FLŌ DŌ July 2007

“It’s one of the toughest workouts around. You learn to be light on your feet, always ready to react. I wish I’d done it when I was a Running Back…” - 4-time NFL Pro Bowler Eddie George, Best Life Magazine July 2007, Co-host Fox Sports Network’s Pro Football Preview

“[FRĒ FLŌ DŌ] focuses on Spatial Awareness, Core, Balance, Injury Prevention and Mind-Body Enhancement.” -Jim Corbett, USA Today-Sports Weekly May 2007

“Kappel LeRoy Clarke’s FRĒ FLŌ DŌand Launchpads help his clients experience the FLŌ.”  -Josh Staph, STACK Magazine, December 2006

FRĒ FLŌ DŌ definitely provided a unique workout and challenged me both mentally and physically.” -Shaun Alexander, 2005 NFL MVP July 2006

“FRĒ FLŌ DŌaims to improve athletes’ balance, agility and endurance.” -Abby Ellin, The New York Times March 2006