Athletic Performance




For training or any other inquiries please contact Renae Morgavi - FRE FLO DO PR


phone: 360.281.8382


The dynamic environment of the FRĒ FLŌ DŌ Experience guarantees enduring fitness improvements regardless of the participant’s physical condition at the onset of their practice.

Under the tutelage of ‘Trackers’ (licensed Teachers and Coaches of FFD), along with the use of the LAUNCHPAD ‘The Official Platform of the FRĒ FLŌ DŌ Experience’, this training system addresses every aspect of the participant’s fitness conditioning in unique and engaging ways:

  • Cardiovascular Conditioning- Its dynamic environment forces participants to stay in non-repetitive rhythmic motion from beginning to end. (Making constant adjustments in motion guarantee that more calories are being spent than in repetitive movement activities.)
  • Functional Strength- It challenges participants to execute multitasking drills that range from simple to complex in nature, employing the entire nervous system and multiple muscle groups making life’s daily demands a breeze to manage. (Most drills are like playing games at varying intensity and skill levels.)
  • Mental and Physical Awareness- This training method revolves around an aspect of unpredictability, which develops and constantly enhances the participant’s ability to adapt to unforeseeable situations. (Monotony is non-existent.)